Incoming: INC USA Tour

​The West Bottoms’ Foundation boasts a musical power hour of Kansas City noise on Sunday night. Organized by a guy who goes by Rat Bastard (whose group bears the equally awesome name the Laundry Room Squelchers), INC stands for International Noise Conference, and it happens annually in Miami. But the conference goes on tour each year, and it’s stopping in Kansas City on April 4. The local line-up of the INC USA Tour was curated by Craig Comstock (better known as the one-man-freakout This Is My Condition), and here are the deets:

The deal is 15 minute sets, no laptops, no mixers, no drones. Performers are, in no particular order:

Evz (Zac Clancy & Sean from Lawrence)

Less Hype (Chris Knudson)

Goodwillies (Kansas City)

This Is My Condition (Lawrence)

Dan Kozak (Lawrence)

Cock ESP (Minneapolis)

Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami)

Ree-Yees (Kansas City)

3 Moons / 6 Ear (Kansas City)

Chris Biggs & Rebecca Ashe (Kansas City)

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk (Lawrence)

Mark Southerland / Ashely Miller (Kansas City)

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