In the Great Franchise Wars of 2020, the pizza victor is… Little Caesars?

image of U.S. Map, with pizza company logos on each state

Little Caesars is the reigning #1 pizza provider across the country. // Image courtesy of TOP Data.

Little Caesars Pizza has been the number one pizza provider in 24 states since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, making it the most-bought pizza in the country, according to Top Data. [Top Data is a worldwide trend tracking firm based out of Kansas City.]

Turns out my “unpopular opinion” that Little Caesars is actually kind of good isn’t so unpopular after all.Screen Shot 2020 08 25 At 11.38.33 Am

1993’s film Demolition Man led us to believe that Taco Bell would eventually be the dominant chain restaurant. Turns out it was a cartoon Roman conqueror who would do the conquering in the future’s dark times.

Pizza chains haven’t escaped the pandemic, with overall visits down by 20%. Little Caesars, despite being the most popular restaurant, has still seen a 6% reduction in visits. Little Caesars is likely on top due to their cost-effective prices, as working-class families likely do not want to spend their singular $1200 stimulus check on artisanal pizza (thanks, Congress!), and their contactless pickup/delivery methods.

Screen Shot 2020 08 25 At 11.38.22 AmCaesars is the #1 choice of consumers in both Kansas and Missouri, according to the data set. Papa(s) John and Murphy trail in both states, as does Domino’s and The Hut.

Also, Caesars’ pizza really is not bad! The deep dish, in particular, is actually quite delicious. Crazy Bread is additionally pretty great. I think Little Caesars deserves to be on top. But maybe just for this specific Pandemic moment. After all, there’s a diminishing return on flavor after the first five minutes, as the pie slowly turns to cardboard. It’s still good cardboard. But cardboard nonetheless. Perhaps in 2020, anything that is even mildly good comes across as wildly good, with the bar for happiness set so low.


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