In pursuit of absinthe

Absinthe has likely maintained its mystique over the past two centuries because of the process involved in drinking it. That and the neon-green hue. And the possibility that it might make you hallucinate.

To overcoming the bitterness in the anise-flavored spirit, drinkers slowly introduce a sugar cube or sugar water. As part of the Moth Podcast series, Filmmaker L. Gabrielle Penebaz talks about how Donald Sutherland and absinthe are forever linked in her mind — and what’s so engaging about the liqueur:

It is the keystone of late 1800s Bohemia. And you can imagine a dandy walking his turtle down the street like a dog. They have the time to drink this stuff. Because you don’t drink it like beer, you know, you don’t just shove it down, you know, like frat boy.

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