Immersive London theater in the age of corona; teaching skills for the world’s end

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Immersive Theater.

For those that don’t know, it’s a very specific style of performance art, with so many wild derivations. Perhaps the most famous of these presentations is Sleep No More off-Broadway, where there is a nonlinear, personalized version of Hamlet performed each night.

Some of the basic tenants of the medium revolve around the inclusion of the audience and the opportunity for them to engage with the performers in any manner they see fit. At it’s very best, it’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” where each pass-through provides a different story and a fluctuating series of narratives.

One London group has taken their performances online, over Zoom. I number of us at The Pitch jumped in for a show over the weekend.

Manchester International Fest is staging this production, along with many others, for free through their website. Party Skills For The End of the World is the show we hopped into. We went through a virtual house party and broke out into other small groups. Where we learned… party skills. For the end of the world.

I made drinks and my wife turned a lemon into a cute mouse and we had a dance party with the most exercise I’ve had during the quarantine. It was a delight. And free.

You should grab a ticket for an upcoming show. We don’t have anywhere else to go.

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