How much do you really know about frozen desserts?

Ice cream and its thousands of flavors are pretty much universally loved. Nothing on a sweltering day can compete with a sweet, cool treat — say a milkshake or an ICEE

But do you you know your ice cream history? The James Beard Foundation has just released a small quiz to test your knowledge of frozen desserts in its June/July issue of JBF Notes.

Be forewarned, it’s a trade mag and so it expects test takers to have a ridiculous amount of knowledge. Also, at only five questions long, it’s too short. But the quiz does provide a paragraph explaining each of the answers, so you can wow the people at your next cocktail party with your knowledge of the differences between a semifreddo and a sorbetti. The quiz is here.

You can also take this “Ben & Jerry’s flavor or Pottery Barn Paint Color?” quiz from Mental Floss. Sad to say, I did much better on the Ben & Jerry’s quiz than the serious foodie one.

(Image via Flickr: Fenchurch. And no, I have no idea how to make that dessert.)

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