How many farmers do you need to call something a farmers’ market?

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  • What would you consider a farmers’ market?

I pulled into Minor Park and wondered if maybe I had my days wrong. This past Saturday, the Kansas City Organics farmers market consisted of two tents and a card table with a freshly brewed pot of coffee. I left with a lovely bag of green beans, a pound of skirt steak and a blueberry pecan bread; but I also left feeling a little cheated.

It’s nearly the end of the season (most area farmers’ markets will be wrapped up by month’s end of the middle of October), so I understand that some farms may have decided to pack it in early. But the tomato season has also been extended, which means that any farmer worth their salt, are treasuring the extra few weeks to sell the biggest cash crop at market. Two farmers’ tents is more of a farm stand, like what you see most nights driving by the covered wagon in Westport. And while two farmers make the term “farmers’ market,” technically accurate, that didn’t help fill my bag this Saturday. I ended up making a second stop at the market in Brookside. When it comes to farmers’ markets, I’m thinking you need at least five farmers, enough to give you a choice of produce and an option for eggs and meat. What number should be the minimum for holding a farmers’ market?

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