Hostage situation at the Missouri Governor Office Building in Jeff City?

KMBC Channel 9 is reporting that there is a possible hostage situation at the Governor Office Building in Jefferson City.

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KMBC cites Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder‘s Twitter updates. The first came about 10 a.m.


on roof of Jefferson bldg. Hostage situation unfolding in Governor

Office bldg. Police locked down the block. Developing … from TwitterBerry

Followed by …

Chopper overhead as hostage negotiators are on the scene … from TwitterBerry

And this one …

Apparently it’s unfolding on fifth floor Governor office bldg. from TwitterBerry

The last update came from Kinder about 10:40 a.m.

God Bless our police and all first responders!

Update: From KMBC:

KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney talked with an aide in Kinder’s office who said there are conflicting reports about whether shots have been fired. But police hostage teams are taking positions around the building.

The Governor Office Building is across the street from the governor’s mansion. Gov. Jay Nixon and his staff are in his office at the state Capitol building. They are said to be safe.

Update: KCRG Channel 13 reports:

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon does NOT have an office at this building. The Governor Office Building used to be a hotel called the “Governor Hotel” when it was renovated into an office building it retained its moniker.

The building houses the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services, Public Service Commission, Office of Public Counsel and the Missouri Development Finance Board.

Update: Twitter update from Kinder at 11:46 a.m.:

Evacuating bldg. One staffer called from 9th floor of Gov Office bldg to report “it doesn’t seem like a crisis”. Let’s hope so.2 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Update: False alarm?

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