Slasher cinema gets a robotic murder Claus in neon-drenched Christmas Bloody Christmas

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Christmas Bloody Christmas. // Courtesy Shudder

If your holiday plans are a little less White Christmas and a little more railing white lines, 2022 brings along a new addition to the horror holiday genre that’s pure, uncut dirtbag glory. Screenshot 2022 11 20 At 112158 Am

Christmas Bloody Christmas follows record store owner Tori Tooms (Riley Dandy), whose drunken Xmas Eve shenanigans with pals devolve into the kind of delightful pop-culture infighting over slasher films and metal albums one would expect from ho-ho-High Fidelity. A pleasant evening of snow, getting high, and praising Evil Dead 2 quickly evolves into its own entry into genre horror as an evil robotic Santa Claus escapes a nearby toy store and starts axe murdering his way through the town.

For those not hooked by that description, there’s little else I can say to sell you. For those who prefer their riffs sludgy and Yuletides bloody, this neon-drenched VHS hellscape is the malt-liquor in a brown bag of delectable trash, trash cinema.

As gorgeous as it is funny, every element of the film fits perfectly into both the realm of heartfelt tribute and equally the camp of new, ridiculous ideas. Claus himself embodies the rare slasher golden point of being genuinely terrifying from start to finish while earning full cackles from each shift in body language and each weapon of choice. Dandy and the rest of the cast fill the first act will delicious banter and bickering before biting the dust one by one at the mittens of the military’s perfect murder machine.

If you dig the classic visceral goof of Chopping Mall but wish it were more whisky drenched, get thee to Christmas Bloody Christmas immediately.

Christmas Bloody Christmas premieres Friday, December 9 on Shudder.

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