Holiday cocktails for your consideration

​Anybody can bring a bottle of wine to a Thanksgiving dinner. It is an easy way to say thank you to the host without having to get anywhere near the oven. However, if you want to be a better guest and make sure there’s something to talk about when the conversation inevitably hits a lull, consider bringing the ingredients for a holiday cocktail. One note of advice: Give the host a heads up that you’re bringing a mobile bar.

You wouldn’t think you could pair fruit sodas and spirits, but if you spend a bit more and think ahead, you can do a lot better than Sunkist and vodka. Consider the Grape & Grain — Rye combined with grape soda, which apparently mimics the flavor of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on rye bread. Umamimart has an extensive list of artisanal sodas to pair with the bottles in your liquor cabinet.

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