Hey there young buc, Long John Silver’s got a deal for you today

Today Long John Silver’s is offering customers its newest menu item, the Baja fish taco, free until 2:30 p.m. Wait, Long John Silver’s still exists? Apparently it does, with 10 metro locations.

According to the company, the baja fish taco contains “fish, crumblies and Baja sauce.” Yes, crumblies — the breaded byproduct of the frying process that most restaurants throws away — are a featured ingredient in these new tacos. A blogger over at our sister site in Nashville (crumblies are a bit of a delicacy in the south) referred to the crumblies disparagingly as “detritus” and said the intestinal after-effects are sharp and swift.

If you’re still craving a Baja fish taco, you can get one normally for 99 cents.

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