Here’s how to support your favorite local artists on Bandcamp Friday

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Mood Indicator’s self-titled album, available on Bandcamp today. // Courtesy of Sloane Wednesday

When Bandcamp Friday began in March, it was intended to just be one special day for the site to waive its typical revenue sharing process and let musicians keep 100% of the money they make in sales through the streaming site. However, with the website seeing $4.3 million in sales on the inaugural event and $7 million on their second, Bandcamp announced that they would continue to hold Bandcamp Friday on the first Friday of every month in 2020.

Today is Bandcamp Friday for the month of December, and the event provides a full day to give back to local artists in a more equitable business model. A number of KC artists use Bandcamp for their music, and if you care about supporting the artists in your community, this is a great way to give back to them (while also getting some incredible tunes.)

Several singles featured in Pitch music editor Nick Spacek’s Single Sentence Singles roundup are available for streaming and purchase through Bandcamp. Blackstarkids’ Surf, which was featured in our Best of KC 2020 editorial section, can be purchased on Bandcamp, as well as their 2019 album Lets Play Sports.

Mood Indicator, a local electronic artist, has released her debut self-titled album today with Haunted Birthday Records. It is available for purchase for digital, or on vinyl for $15.

Music from prolific KC record label High Dive Records is all available for purchase, digital or physical, on their Bandcamp page. They also have sweet merch like this Empty Moon Coral Snake T-Shirt. Perfect for the music lover (or snake lover) in your life for this holiday season.

Kansas City’s UN/TUCK collective, a queer record label and artist group, has a number of albums available on their Bandcamp page, ranging in genres and moods. Check out artist Floraviolet’s Shrinking Violet, or UN/TUCK cofounder Mazzy Mann’s album maara2, released on Mother Russia Industries.

Brandon Phillips and The Condition released several “summer singles” this year, which were featured as a Best of KC 2020 pick by Nick Spacek. In their article, Spacek writes: “The welcome regularity of what we knew would be a jam, even if we didn’t know the tempo or the topic, made BP+TC’s socials a must-watch for months.” These summer singles can be found here on the band’s Bandcamp page. Rest assured that your entire dollar for each single will be going wholly to the artists. If you’re feeling generous, you can tip them by naming your own price.

You can find any of your favorite artists, local or not, by simply searching them on Bandcamp. With the existence of Bandcamp Fridays still up in the air for 2021, this may be your last chance for a while to take advantage of the deal.

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