Have you ever been kicked out of a coffee shop for cyber squatting?

  • Flickr: Rubenerd
  • Laptop jockeys are finding hostile coffee shop owners in other cities.

On the occasion that I make a coffee shop my office, I attempt to be as considerate as one can while nursing an iced coffee and blocking out the world via headphones. I typically buy breakfast or lunch, as well, and drop a few extra dollars in the tip jar. I see the whole transaction as akin to renting a bit of coffee-table space.

In other cities, coffee shops are apparently infested with cyber squatters, men and women who clog toilets, hog electrical outlets and surf the Web while failing to buy anything meaningful. They are drawn in by the promise of free Wi-Fi, and they stay well past what might be considered a reasonable period of time.

I’ve never been asked to leave or even really seen this problem in Kansas City. Perhaps, I just don’t wait long enough. Have you ever seen this rare creature in KC, or have you been asked to move along to another coffee shop?

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