Have tater tots overtaken french fries?

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  • Do you feel the love for tots?

When someone talks about tater tots, it’s hard not to think about a set of mashed taters in the side pocket of some cargo pants (give me some tots, Napoleon). But if the Internet is to be believed, tater tots have climbed the side-dish mountain to take their rightful place alongside french fries, housemade chips and the indomitable (and nearly universally terrible) pasta salad.

Food Fanatics, the blog arm of US Foods, has an amusing piece called Tater Tot Mania that looks at the wide variety of potato cylinders that are gracing menus across the country. Locally, Grinders throws some tots on a pizza, Bar Louie has loaded tots (white cheddar cheese, spicy giardiniera, bacon and green onions), and the Foundry has a buffalo version with wing sauce, blue cheese and bacon. Are you willing to grant tater tots a rightful seat at the side-dish table or are they still just a novelty that are happy reminders of your school cafeteria?

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