Haus is slinging some serious sausage

  • It’s a sausage fest at Haus.

What could be the very best hot-dog shop in Kansas City only serves sausages. The closest that Haus (3044 Gillham Road), which opened earlier this summer in Martini Corner, comes to a hot dog is a bratwurst, but the spirit is there. The ratio of pretzel bun to sausage is right, no utensils are needed, and there are four kinds of mustard (spicy, whole grain, yellow and honey) on the table to spread at your will. I opted for the lamb, cumin and oregano sausage, and my only regret is that I didn’t eat it naked.

Slow down. I’m referring to the dressing of my lunch, not my attire. The sausages, courtesy of the Local Pig, outshine the house-made toppings. Two come free with your order. While the grilled onions and sauerkraut were fine, their tepid temperature and the contrast with the flavor of the sausage meant they weren’t bringing anything to this sandwich.

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