Grunauer’s Oktoberfest is this weekend

  • This patio will be much drunker this weekend.

Grunauer, the Austrian-German restaurant in the Freight House District (101 West 22nd Street), opened in May 2010 and has held an Oktoberfest party in the autumn every year since. Are we going to quibble and note that this year’s Oktoberfest takes place, once again, in the month of September? No. Such trivialities are of no concern to us here at The Pitch.

We are more interested in the party, which starts tonight, Friday, September 27, at 4 p.m., and continues through Saturday evening. Advance tickets are $12 ($15 at the door), and they get you entry for both days, plus a free drink, traditional Oktoberfest food and a bunch of live music, including “angry Russian Midwest band” Nuthatch 47 and polka gentlemen Festhaus Musikanten on Friday.

Tickets here. Wir sehen uns dort!

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