Great Moments in Food Advertising History


True North proudly advertises that they use 100 percent American-grown, all-natural nuts and that these aren’t just typical Planters’ mixed nuts. As one of its press releases put it, “By elevating the ‘simple nut’ into three unique nut snacks – nut clusters, nut crisps and nut crunches – each True North variety offers consumers a different snacking experience fit for a wide range of occasions.”

I’m not sure how many different occasions call for nuts (I mainly just steal them off co-workers’ desks) but if True North thinks there’s a niche for its upscale nuts, that’s fine. To this end, True North has an expensive advertising campaign to back up its message. The packaging looks very professional, the Web site is top-notch and frankly, the peanut-clusters do look tasty. So where does the Frito-Lay owned company go wrong?

Maybe it’s just my juvenile mind but the word I’m hearing at the end of this advertisement is probably not the word the copywriters had in mind. The word I’m hearing makes the ad much more … memorable.

Along with the Sunny-D packaging, I’m beginning to think there a trend of subliminal phallic advertisements just on the horizon.

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