Greasy burgers create greasy art

When the link to this video arrived in my in-box, I knew within, oh, six seconds that it was a commercial for somebody. Someone. Something. Like most viral videos is doesn’t say directly what it’s promoting, but through little hints it’s pretty easy to guess the restaurant chain.

Commercial or not, it’s worth the 90 seconds to watch the maestro (artist Phil Hansen of several YouTube viral videos) paint with meat.

Now follow the clues. The only words are at the beginning, when Hansen quotes a statistic saying, “55 percent of burger lovers say fast food burgers are just too greasy.” Since Jansen is slamming burgers, it’s a good bet the chain doesn’t sell them. And since he mentioned fast food, that’s probably the category the restaurant is competing in.

The main fast food chains that don’t sell burgers are Subway, Taco Bell, Arby’s, KFC, Long John Silvers and several more regional ones. Focusing on the greasiness of the burgers means the company is going the healthiness route. KFC and Long John Silvers have no business talking about the grease of other chains’ food and Taco Bell has never tried to lure customers using the health angle.

From there it’s deduction. Subway has been promoting its $5 foot-long like crazy and leaving spokesperson Jared to talk at YMCAs. Arby’s has been running risque ads in magazines promoting its new roastburger. Both chains would like a viral video, but for one chain it makes more sense.

It doesn’t take much to find the answer. The URL at the bottom of the video leads directly to the restaurant’s site.  

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