Good You moves from Czar to the Green Lady Lounge

The deviled eggs have left the building. After dishing up tacos, Philly cheesesteaks and deviled eggs as the food options at Czar over the past year, the Good You, a food truck run by chef Kelli Daniels, has wheeled its starters and entrees down to the Green Lady Lounge. (The Pitch’s David Hudnall visited the new jazz club this week for his Streetside column.)

While Kansas City’s Best Burger and a solid BLT are still on the menu (a full look is available here), Daniels has a few new twists at 1809 Grand. A day after what would have been Elvis Presley’s 78th birthday, it seems appropriate to mention the Elvis Aaron – a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich on griddled toast served with a side of black pepper honey. The Good You food truck is closed for the winter, but the plates menu is available at the Green Lady Lounge from 4 to 10 p.m.

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