Funkhouser calls cutting cops ‘stupid’

From the looks of Fox 4′s coverage, oversized novelty Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s meeting last night with Kansas City police was sparsely attended. This comes after $15 million in proposed cuts to the police budget, which Chief Jim Corwin claims will lead to fewer police on the streets.

KSHB Channel 41 has the money quote from Funkhouser.

“I think it’s a stupid idea to reduce officers,” Mayor Funkhouser said.

He compared council members voting to cut the police budget to members of Congress voting against the surge in Iraq.

“That is not an original idea to me,” Funkhouser said.  “More cops and

increased visibility of police can generally make people feel safer.”

Hard to feel “safer” when politicos compare KC to Iraq. Anyway, Funk expects the council members to flip-flop and restore money for public safety when it’s politically expedient.

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