Fogo De Chao opens today

Last night I crashed Fogo de Chao, which is pronounced Fogo de Shooooon or Fogo de Shawn, depending on what employee you ask. The Country Club Plaza’s latest restaurant officially opens today in the space formerly occupied by Fedora’s and most recently George Brett’s at

222 W. 47th Street.

Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhoues chain with 14 locations in the United States

(interestingly, 12 are in the south or Midwest). It’s based in Brazil and owned by two Brazilian brothers so it does have authenticity. And like at all Brazilian steakhouses, the menu at Fogo de Chao is idiot-proof: You either get the salad buffet for $19.50 or the meat (which includes salad bar) for $42.50.

But as I saw diners overwhelmed by choice upon choice of meat, I was reminded how wine-tasting beginners are encouraged to never try more than four or five wines at a time, else the flavors start to blend together. Last night there were 15 different cuts, mostly steaks but also chicken,

lamb and pork.

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