Flier of the Week: the Noise FM

Gavin Snider, guitarist and vocalist for Midnight Vinyl drew this amazing art for the Noise FM‘s summer tour. The use of the terra cotta warriors of Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China, alongside the bands members makes them look both badass and imperial. The line work is also crisp and clean, working nicely with the Chinese themes used.

More of Snider’s art, of which I am a big fan, can be found on Midnight Vinyl’s MySpace page.

Coincidentally, the Noise FM is playing tonight as part of a huge bill at the Record Bar with Unorthodox, The Sexy Accident, The Cherry Tree Parade, and Heroes & Villians. It is sure to be an indie-pop ass-kicking. It’s $10 for five bands, and the show kicks off at 8pm.

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