First Issue Club is a podcast that encourages inclusivity and ease of introduction

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First Issue Club Podcast, a local Kansas City podcast that won our Best Podcast In KC award in 2018.

The hosts started a comic book reading club, wherein they found that discussing the first issue of a new series helped fulfill a lot of what was missing from the comic book experience—community & conversation. These books didn’t require an intimidating amount of background knowledge; instead, they welcomed more new voices, perspectives, and ideas.

For almost three years now, they’ve pressed a record button before starting those weekly meet-ups, and whether you are new to comics, or a long-time fan, we think that you’ll find that joining this reading club helps make your comic book experience feel a little more accessible and welcoming.

The comic book community is not immune to narrow-mindedness and gate-keeping. One of the main goals they wanted to achieve when they started this journey was to be able to make a safe space for preexisting and new readers to get together and discuss comic books. Accessibility and inclusiveness are two things championed for this community.Hero

“This podcast is our version of trying to share the thing we love most with other people,” said Michael Russo. “The only thing better than escapism is getting to share this with other people and having a community to do so. Comics are fucking rad and the entire world needs to wake up and be reading them too! Okay fine, that’s a little overboard, but you get the point.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be able to interact with the comic book community in the way I have because of this show,” said Greg Lickteig. “I’ve been able to meet some incredible people, talk to creators that I thought I’d never talk to, and I’ve somehow been able to be on the front lines of seeing the world of comics shift dramatically. The world at large is changing, perspectives of social matters are shifting and evolving, and comics are right there, often leading the charge, including more, enriched stories about LGBTQIA and POC superheroes/protagonists. To see that change, happen in real-time is inspiring, and I look forward to what’s to come in this industry.”

You can find the show on Facebook or Twitter.

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