Eating barbecue will never be the same with trongs

Chances are, if you have an idea for an invention whilst devouring a plate of buffalo wings, I’m going to like it. That’s what happened to Dan Ferrara when he missed a phone call due to buffalo hot-sauce all over his hands. I would call that a missed connection but Ferrara called it an opportunity and became co-inventor of “trongs,” a finger-food utensil.

Actually, utensil might not the right word. When put on your hand, they look like a claw, making you a terrifying monster. If someone came up to me in an alley with trongs on I’d be scared.

The point is not to scare people but to keep your hands from getting dirty while eating messy food like buffalo wings or, in Kansas City, ribs. Ribs are such a part of trongs’ market that the company has a video devoted to proper rib eating:

Personally, I like the feeling of barbecue sauce on my hands and the need of approximately 300 napkins per baby-back slab. But I could see a lot of people actually pulling out their claws to save their precious hands.

Trongs run under $1 per pair and are reusable. You can order them from the Web site or just wait a year and see what barbecue joints start selling them.

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