Eat This Now: The Fried Chicken Biscuit at Fairway Creamery


Photo by April Fleming

While first and foremost Fairway Creamery is an ice cream and donut shop (one that makes just about the best versions you’ll find in Kansas City of either of those things), it does hold hidden treasures. 

One of those treasures is its fried chicken sandwich, served only on weekends. This is one of the few items at the shop not originally crafted by master chocolatier (and owner of Fairway Creamery) Christopher Elbow. Rather, it comes from the hands/brain/sources of Todd Schulte, the original owner of Happy Gillis, as well as Speak Sandwiches (RIP) and Genessee Royale (RIP on RIP). Fairway General Manager Tony Glamcevski jokes that Schulte, with this A-grade KC restaurant pedigree, “knows a thing or two about tasty breakfast sandwiches.” 

Starting with enormous, steamy, fluffy biscuits, Schulte adds a crispy, juicy, and peppery fried chicken breast, gooey melted cheddar, and a perfectly cooked, sunny-side-up egg (local sourcing of all of these ingredients is a big bonus). And because near-perfect is never enough, you can get it topped with sausage gravy—the basic end result being biscuits and gravy and near-perfect fried chicken and a farm-fresh runny egg. It’s a lot—and while it may not be reinventing the breakfast biscuit wheel, there is real happiness here. (There also may be heavy naps.) 

Fairway Creamery

5938 Mission Rd, Fairway, KS 66205

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