Eat This Now: Mango sticky rice at Baramee Thai Bistro

April Fleming

With the recent arrival of Waldo Thai Place, Sweet Siam, and Baramee Thai Bistro onto Kansas City’s food scene, we locals now enjoy an embarrassment of homestyle Thai riches. Even better: KC diners are trending more adventurous, which is allowing (some) Thai restaurant proprietors to expand their menu options. In other words, it’s not all about pad Thai anymore. And of those not-pad-Thai dishes, one we’ve particularly come to adore of late is one of the most classic desserts in all of Asia: mango sticky rice. Baramee — recently opened in the former Pizzabella space in the Crossroads — has the best: glutinous rice, flavored with coconut milk and just enough sugar to hint at sweetness without going over the top. A nice pillow of the stuff is topped with ripe, thinly sliced mango, which is then drizzled with coconut syrup (again, not too sweet — mango remains the star). It’s dusted with some nutty crunchy sesame seeds and plated with fresh flowers. Tangy, chewy, sweet, and incredibly addictive — you gotta try it.

Baramee Thai Bistro, 1810 Baltimore. 

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