Eat This Now: Dipped Cones at Fairway Creamery

By April Flemming

Cold, crunchy, melty, chocolatey — few cold treats evoke childhood the way a soft-serve dipped cone does. Eating them as an adult, the nostalgia persists, but it’s often diminished by inconvenient facts, like how the chocolate shell of most dipped cones leaves a waxy film in your mouth, or that soft-serve ice cream really doesn’t have all that much flavor. Enter Kansas City’s master chocolatier Christopher Elbow. For months prior to opening his new ice cream, coffee, and donut shop Fairway Creamery (5938 Mission, in the former Pizza 51 Fairway building), Elbow and his team worked tirelessly to engineer a premium dipped cone. It was, says Tony Glamcevski, the Creamery’s director of customer experience, a surprising challenge; turns out, getting a chocolate dip (a delicious one, at least) to stick to ice cream is pretty tough. But their efforts have paid off. Walk into Fairway Creamery, and you can order chocolate or vanilla soft-serve cones hand-dipped in your choice of chocolate, butterscotch, or cherry — with plans for more rotating flavors in the future. We mean it when we say it is almost certainly the best dipped cone you’ll ever have. And for all the struggle it took to perfect the dipped cone, the treat has lost none of its fun.

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