Drink This Now: The City Of Fountains at Parker at The Fontaine


April Fleming

Pool days are one of the only ways to fight the increasingly hot summers here in the Midwest. Ah, but all those little kids running around! We say: head to the pool at Parker at the Fontaine, the rooftop bar atop the Plaza hotel. Lean into the R&R vibe and order a City of Fountains cocktail. The drink, developed by bartender Devin Clay, is spicy and sweet, with Cruzan rum, habanero shrub, mango puree, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and a little simple syrup. It’s served in a coupe glass with a chili, lime zest, and salt rim. Best of all is the house-made mango popsicle, dusted with chili powder, that sits in the glass. Let the popsicle melt into the drink, naturally chilling it and adding extra sweetness. Or pull it out and eat it by the pool with your feet in the water. Either way, your day has just improved exponentially.

Parker at the Fontaine (seventh floor, 901 W 48th Place)

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