Drink This Now: Summer Brew at The Well’s rooftop bar

When we say "Drink This Now" we do indeed mean "now." You have less than 24 hours remaining to get this in your system, as the Waldo staple closes this weekend for redevelopment.

Screenshot 2023 09 09 At 120723 AmAlthough the summer is coming to a close, it is never too late to try The Well’s summer brew. A mix of Boulevard Wheat, Deep Eddy Lemon, and lemonade makes this seasonal cocktail a local favorite. [Actually, there is a point where it may be “too late”—more on that momentarily.]

The Well has been a cherished native restaurant for many Waldo residents throughout the years. Located in the neighborhood’s strip, The Well offers a relaxed aura for anyone wanting to enjoy a peaceful drink or meal.

Lightened by tiki torches and bistro stringing, their rooftop seating allows for a very calming energy when wanting to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends. While usually serving as a relaxing setting, The Well also hosts live music on their housetop on certain nights.

Ideally, The Well’s summer brew is consumed on the rooftop during a lukewarm summer evening as the sun sets low. Feelings of immediate euphoria brace you as the beverage first graces your lips. Unfortunately, you’ve got less than 24 hours to give this a whirl, as the existing restaurant and bar will be razed to make room for the six-story Waldo74Broadway apartment building and shopping center. The Well will be Well “done” until a re-opening at an undetermined date.

So Saturday, Sept. 9, is an “It’s The End of the Well as We Know It” Party, set to go until 1:30 a.m. Local band Big People will entertain with classic to modern rock covers, and The Well’s full grill and cocktail menus will be available. The restaurant (and roof) will be open all day, so swing through while you still have a chance.

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