Dr. Tiller’s former abortion clinic in Wichita could reopen this spring

  • Twitter: @julieburkhart
  • Burkhart wants to continue Tiller’s work.

The abortion debate in Kansas is on the cusp of the next chapter. The New York Times published a profile yesterday of Julie Burkhart, a colleague of the late Dr. George Tiller, who is the process of trying to reopen Tiller’s former clinic in Wichita [The Daily Beast also looked at Burkhart’s quest in January].

The piece delves into the political and potential legislative challenges facing Burkhart in Wichita and across the state. She’s intending to reopen the clinic this spring. It has been shuttered since Tiller was shot and killed in May 2009. The space is being actively renovated, and Burkart is pursuing the appropriate permits and attempting to raise funds to pay for the clinic’s operations.

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