Don’t stop drinking iced coffee

When you can see your breath fog up the inside of the windshield and a forgotten water bottle is frozen solid in the backseat, is it still acceptable to order the iced coffee when you hit the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts?

The teenager who made my coffee shivered slightly as the folding window opened and he handed me a medium iced coffee — the condensation on the side frozen in place instead of running towards the base.

His mouth said, “Have a great day,” while the slight tilt of his head said: “Really, mister? You sure you want to do this?” (In my head, all teenagers speak in the formal language of a 1950s sitcom.) I quickly shut my window to avoid letting more of the cold into the car — I am not a sadist — and gave him a slight nod to assure him I was of sound mind. 

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