Don’t have the nerve to ask your boyfriend if he has herpes, go to

Trust isn’t what it used to be. So if you just don’t believe that your boyfriend is clean, there’s, which promises to out those infected with STDs. On the Internet. For everyone to see. The database includes info such as whether the infected person has failed to tell a partner about a STD, how the person who reported it found out (first hand!) and an explanation (like several women have been infected by the guy even though he claims he tested negative).

So far, a search of “Kansas City” returns four people who allegedly have herpes and HIV/AIDS (three guys and Brooke Ashley, who claims to have contracted HIV in the seminal porn flick The World’s Biggest Anal Gang Bang). Wait, the former queen of anal sex — her 50-partner record was topped in 2004 by Victoria Givens, who more than doubled the record — lives in Kansas City? IMDB says she grew up here, but it isn’t clear where she’s living now.

For more of the skankiness, check out “Kansas City” on The Dirty.

Hat tip to Nerve.

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