Don’t cry for me Argentina. Drink for me instead.

The fundraiser/remembrance for former Kansas City Star food critic Lauren Chapin has sold out. If you didn’t buy tickets in time, there’s another event tonight you can go to instead.

Extra Virgin’s opening was moved back a couple of times, but since owner Michael Smith opened the tapas bar in December, he’s kept the events coming. Tonight he hosts an Argentine Wine Dinner. 

Smith will be in the kitchen cooking up the five-course meal that includes crab-stuffed peppers, braised pork cheeks, suckling pig and many other authentic dishes. In the dining room, pouring the vino, will be wine distributor Bill Kniep, offering five different selections from the South American country. Yes, there’s malbec (from El Cipres winery) but there’s also chardonnay and cab-sauv, proving the country can grow traditional grapes with the best of the old world.

The event kicks off at 6:30 p.m. with a reception featuring pizza (wood-fired of course) and sangria. The dinner follows at 7. Reservations are required and seating is limited. For more info call Extra Virgin at 816-842-2202.

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