Does KC have menu items named for local celebrities?

  • Village Voice: Robert Sietsma
  • The Tebow sandwich at the Carnegie Deli.

Whether Tim Tebow makes you want to throw up, his presence in our culture can’t be denied. As ESPN writes, he’s got a sandwich, beer and burrito named after him. At least some of that has to do with being traded to the New York Jets – the Big Apple can’t resist slapping a new moniker on a sub to move a few more cold cuts.

While I’m appreciative that Tebow mania won’t be part of the Chiefs’ universe (the Jets aren’t on the Chiefs’ schedule announced yesterday), it did have me thinking about the menus across Kansas City. Joe Posnanski has a plate of chicken spiedini named for him at Governor Stumpy’s. Does any other local celebrity have a dish in their honor at a KC joint?

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