Dish & Drink KC: Sodas at Goat Hill, Monday night pizzas at Extra Virgin, and seafood at Meshuggah Bagels

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Soda with a donut at Goat Hill. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Goat Hill’s fizzy concoctions

Despite its quaint size and being tucked away in the Westside, it’s hard not to get lost in Goat Hill Coffee and Soda as your eyes wander through a menu filled with decadent treats. Matcha lattes, smoked peppermint mochas, kombuchas, vegan burritos, and Hana’s donuts are just a few options to satiate your cravings. Still, special attention is warranted towards the shop’s sodas (or, if you’re a true Midwesterner—pop).

The special carbonated blends are available seasonally. Soda flavors currently gracing the menu are blood orange cream, cardamom, espresso, and pomegranate sage. The pomegranate sage was somehow refreshing yet warm with its zesty essence and savory notes. No worries about getting a flat soda here. All bubbles are made in-house and can be seen being mixed by the barista behind the counter. 

Goat Hill Coffee and Soda is located at 811 W 17th St., Kansas City, MO 64108.

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Monday night pizza with prosciutto. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Extra Virgin’s Monday night pies

Mondays are getting a facelift with Extra Virgin’s pizza. Served only on Garfield’s least favorite day of the week, the gourmet pies are accompanied by a wine special that discounts half-off bottles. 

Located in the Crossroads, the restaurant’s pie flavors are a surprise each week. Still, they are sure to impress with flavors like garlic white cream sauce and mushrooms, homemade tomato sauce with four kinds of cheeses, and roasted oyster mushrooms with a provolone/mozzarella blend and fresh oregano. The option to add prosciutto is always available for an extra $4. The wood-fired pies have a crust that is delightfully chewy with toppings that are simple yet indulgent. And if the pizza special includes feta cheese coated in zaatar seasonings—run, don’t walk. 

Extra Virgin is located at 1900 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64108.

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Bagel with whitefish schmear at Meshuggah Bagels. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Meshuggah Bagels’ whitefish schmear

Bagels are like pizza—even a bad bagel is still kind of good. But Meshuggah Bagels have raised the standard and are easily some of the best in KC. Their blend of artisan flour, yeast, malt, and salt makes for a beautiful concoction that is simultaneously dense and fluffy. To honor the Chiefs, they are making red and gold bagels that ooze with team spirit—but they sell out quickly.

Aside from its amazing texture, Meshuggah is also noteworthy due to its extensive menu of cream cheese spreads, specialty schmears, and seafood toppings. The pairing of bagels with seafood is classic, but we suggest breaking up the traditional bagel and lox combo with Meshuggah’s whitefish salad. The salad has a creamy texture that spreads perfectly over your bagel, but it carries a deep, smoky flavor. A little goes a long way, making for an unbeatable schmear no matter what bagel flavor you choose.

Meshuggah Bagels has locations in Power & Light, Midtown, Liberty, and Overland Park.

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