Denver Biscuit Company, Atomic Cowboy, and Fat Sully’s open—under one roof

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Denver Biscuit Co.’s The Lola with buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, house-made honey butter, with a french toast bun and maple syrup. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney.

In a day that will live in infamy, three of my favorite non-KC restaurants have opened their doors in Westport. And those doors are all the same door. At the corner of 42nd and Pennsylvania, you can find three different concept restaurants under one roof. As a professional patron of all three, let me warn you: pace yourself.

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Atomic Provisions bar inside Denver Biscuit Co. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Atomic Cowboy does cocktails that run the gamut and have a little something for everyone. Fat Sully’s provides gigantic-ass New York-style pizzas. Seriously—each individual slice feels like a dare.

But that brings us to Denver Biscuit Company. If the trifecta of restaurants here didn’t already seems like they were offering options beyond what you could find in any standard restaurant location, DBC brings a menu that I would describe simply as threatening. Perhaps bordering on a prank that you play on yourself.

Denver Biscuit Company has long been my favorite eatery on trips to Denver. I never miss it. But everything on the menu is so decadent that it can basically steal your entire day if you decide to eat your entire entree. Because it’s nap-time, baby. The idea of ordering anything off this menu (like the biscuit topped in cheese and gravy with an optional egg) and then chasing it with a slice of pizza larger than your head… Again. This is a threatening amount of food. But you will be handsomely rewarded should you choose to take up the challenge.

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One big, bacony cinnamon roll. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Just be aware of the dangers. I’ll risk this. Just come do it with me so I feel less scared. We can all nap together afterward.

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