D’Bronx corned-beef sandwich is a deli stopgap

  • D’Bronx has homemade corned beef.

At d’Bronx (3904 Bell), I always walk in intending to get a grinder and I end up hearing myself order a slice of pizza and a chocolate-chip cookie (if they’re recently out of the oven) before my brain can catch up with my mouth. But several weeks ago, armed with the mission of compiling a month’s worth of sandwiches for this week’s cover story, I was determined to walk away with a hoagie in hand. I’d heard good things about the pastrami, but when I asked the woman behind the counter if it was house-made, she told me that it was shipped in. However, the corned beef was made by d’Bronx hands. So, 15 minutes later, I left with a hot corned beef on rye with melted swiss and deli mustard.

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