Daily Briefs in Brief: No time for blogging

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Since there’s nobody I love more than readers of Daily Briefs except for my puppy and my girlfriend IN THAT ORDER, I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude with a traditionally indifferent e-card at absolutely no cost to myself. Obviously, this card would have been my first choice, but unfortunately the American Greetings card company’s brain has GONE COMPLETELY INSANE, and they actually charge a subscription fee if you want to send personalized Flash e-cards to your contacts list. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you from Daily Brieficist Chris Packham and all of us here on the Plog second shift. Shift supervisor Faysal Alkhaiwani brought in some shawarma and halwa showaiter his wife made for our office “holiday feast,” and now I’m all bloated with Bahraini cuisine. So this is going to be short. After the jump, delicious little chunks of copy. Click here or here:

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