Cynthia Davis’ pants are on fire

Missouri state Rep. Cynthia Davis says — and does — a lot of crazy things. If the O’Fallon Republican’s mouth is moving, there’s a good chance the words coming out are completely untrue. Like when Davis wrote a letter to a constituent denying telling a reporter that her bill offering scholarships to stay-at-home moms who watch “soap operas and eat bonbons all day” excluded stay-at-home dads because fathers aren’t “natural nurturers.” You know, because men can’t breast feed.

“I can assure you that I would never say such a thing especially since I am married to one of the most marvelous men in the country,” Davis wrote. “He is the one who is picking up the slack at home with our children while I am at the Capitol.”

You wouldn’t?

Cynthia Davis interview excerpt by KOMU intern Sarah Hollenbeck


Good thing Davis’ husband is at home taking care of the kids. Especially with Cynthia Davis’ special nurturing style.

KOMU-TV has the full interview. Hat tip to Fired Up! Missouri.

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