Councilman Eric Bunch is using Twitter to clap back on community issues

And we are here for it.
Bunch Having Fun

Councilman Eric Bunch, presumably going off the grid to stop dunking so hard on dummies. // Via social media.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Rick Smith responded to concerns from city officials about the Kansas City Police Department’s continued lack of body camera implementation with the assurance that something would be done about it in 120 to 180 days.

Councilman Eric Bunch took to Twitter to say this wasn’t enough. Or rather, that enough is enough.

Whether he is reporting weasel sightings or demanding effective and long overdue change, Bunch has been online stepping up for Kansas City. His recent tweets have drawn attention to critical issues.

The 16 Disney on Ice shows scheduled to begin in two weeks and continue until Feb. 7 at the T-Mobile Center is one of those issues. Despite the precautions around seating and mask requirement the show supposedly plans to implement, its announcement has raised questions and justifiable concern about COVID-19 spread.

Bunch responded to these questions with the insistence that the shows are not even a possibility without submission of a valid plan to meet health protocols to the city health department. Whether Disney on Ice will meet these requirements has yet to be determined.

Similarly, Ticketmaster’s apparent disregard for local COVID-19 protections has resulted in the sort of local government cooperation you’d hope to see in the council chambers, during normal times.

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Bunch has had a productive last few months. In October, he assisted in introducing a resolution aiming to limit unnecessary money spent on road maintenance and make time spent on infrastructure projects in the city worthwhile.  In December, he had a hand in Missouri’s first LGBTQ+ commission as a co-sponsor.

On and offline, he’s getting things done for the people of Kansas City.

It’s the job of local politicians to pursue the best interests of their communities and call out actions that don’t have those interests in mind. That’s part of serving and that’s what he was elected to do. He’s doing it and he isn’t beating around the Bunch about it.

[Editor’s note: This writer has been fired for the pun. We’re very sorry to our readership and we promise to do better in the future.]

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