Coroner testifies about the death of Emily Sander (Zoey Zane)

The trial of Israel Mireles, the man charged with capital murder in the death of Emily Sander (known in Internet porn circles as Zoey

Zane) is set to resume.

Yesterday, the gory details of Sander’s death were revealed.

The Wichita

Eagle reports that Sander was stabbed twice in the chest and

strangled with a telephone cord — and any of those wounds could have

been fatal, according to testimony from Sedgwick County coroner Jaime Oeberst. In

addition, Oeberst testified that a muscle near Sander’s temple

was “pulverized” and her body had “pattern injuries” that were

“consistent with being struck by a beer bottle.”

Also Wednesday, a KBI agent testified that he found bloody clothing, a

knife car keys and a beer bottle in a garbage can outside of Mireles’

girlfriend’s house in Baxter Springs.

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