Columbus Park Ramen Shop sets grand opening for October 9

Chef Josh Eans tells The Pitch that Kansas City’s first all-ramen restaurant, the Columbus Park Ramen Shop, will open the first week in October, with a series of low-key events — several for the bigger donors of the successful Kickstarter campaign mounted by Eans and his wife, Abbey-Jo, last March.

The 20-seat ramen restaurant was constructed inside a former garage adjacent to Happy Gillis Cafe & Hangout, at 549 Gillis. 

Eans will host, he says, his last ramen-and-beer pop-up dinner prior to the official opening of the Columbus Park Ramen Shop on Thursday, September 17, from 6 to 9 p.m. Reservations are required to attend the three-course dinner; call 816-471-3663. The menu is after the jump.

Thursday’s meal will be a collaboration between Eans and San Diego-based Green Flash Brewery. The price of the dinner is $33, excluding tax and gratuity.

“I’ll have three different Green Flash beers with each course,” Eans says. “We’ll start with roasted and pickled vegetables paired with 30th Street Pale Ale.”

The main course, Eans says, will be tonkotsu-style garnished with braised country pork jowl. This will be paired with Green Flash Soul Style IPA.

The dessert course will be a mochi cake inspired by Nick Wesemann, pastry chef of the American Restaurant. This will be paired with Green Flash Double Stout.

I asked Eans if he thought Kansas City was big enough for his restaurant and the three proposed ramen restaurants that were announced after plans were under way for the Columbus Park Ramen Shop.

“Kansas City has plenty of room for passionate people doing good food,” he says. “If that means ramen, or any other approachable and affordable food, I’m all for it. But for restaurateurs just following a trend, it’s not good news. But the cream always rises to the top. We feel very positive about our restaurant.”

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