CNN keeps it real with food stamps

To show the plight of the people, CNN reporter Sean Callebs is living off of food stamps for a month. Not actual food stamps, because he makes way too much money for that. “The most a single person can qualify for each month is $176. [Louisiana] couldn’t give me the food stamp funds, that would be fraud, even

though I offered to reimburse the government. So, I invested $176 in a debit card.”

Since he’s doing this in the short month of February, that $176 has to last 28 days, which works out to just over six bucks a day. Already Callebs is learning valuable information. When he goes shopping with an actual food-stamp recipient he has to be “constantly reminded” not to buy name brands. He’s surprised that “there isn’t a lot of money for meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.”

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