Clock Tower Bakery opens in downtown Overland Park

​Those who suggest that the mom-and- pop store is a thing of the past should meet Lee Jones and Eileen Usovicz, the couple behind the Clock Tower Bakery & Café (7911 Santa Fe Drive). It opened in downtown Overland Park last week.

“It all centers around my wife,” says Jones. “She’s been baking for 30 years and had a small high-end pizza catering business. We always wanted to open a bake shop and when we found a space in downtown Overland Park, that got the juices flowing.”

Both are former librarians. Lee met Eileen when he was interviewing candidates for a position at a micrographics preservation laboratory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She got the job and he got a wife.

“We worked together for more than eight years before we decided to have more than a working relationship,” jokes Jones.

Now the two are realizing their dream with the cozy café that takes its name from downtown Overland Park’s most recognizable landmark. The cinnamon, lemon and orange rolls ($2.25) have been an early favorite among customers. And Jones has a theory as to why:

“I think it’s possibly an ingredient that most folks don’t expect. It’s not really a secret, but there are very few people who sell cinnamon rolls that incorporate potato — it adds to the flavor and consistency,” says Jones.

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