Chris Stigall will not be Kansas City’s next mayor

Flaming conservative pundit Chris Stigall told The Pitch this weekend that he is not running for mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. Stigall, a morning talk show host on KCMO 710, sent this reply via e-mail:

I can confirm I am NOT seeking the office of mayor. We also had some calls from listeners who heard someone was floating my name for name I.D. and fav/unfav ratings. Have NO idea why, but if you hear — I’d be just as interested to know why.

Last week, a New York City polling company called Kansas Citians asking how they felt about a slate of potential mayoral candidates, including Stigall.

We’ll take Stigall at his word that he’s not running (although “Friday’s with Funk” — aka Oversized novelty Vulcan Mark Funkhouser — would have been interesting).

Looks like one of the candidates is trying to get a read on the city’s political climate.

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