Chico Sierra curates work by local Latinx artists for “Inspired by MAYA” exhibit at Union Station

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A sampling of the works on display by local artists. // Photo by Chico Sierra

Chico Sierra, a primarily self-taught painter who moved to Kansas City from El Paso, Texas, has curated a showcase of local Indigenous and Latinx artists across mediums inspired by the MAYA exhibit currently at Union Station.

The “Inspired by MAYA” local artists showcase will be available to the public as a special addition to Union Station’s MAYA: The Great Jaguar Rises exhibit until March 12.

The Inspired by MAYA exhibit kicked off with a special event on Tuesday night, Feb. 21. Local musician Enrique Chi of Making Movies provided a soundtrack for the evening, and cocktails and Maya-inspired appetizers were provided by Brancato’s. Then, guests could tour the MAYA: The Great Jaguar Rises exhibit, followed by a tour of the Inspired by Maya showcase with a chance to talk to the artists.

Enrique Chi plays guitar

Enrique Chi provided music for the evening. // Photo by Amanda Hadlock

Opening remarks for the event were provided by the President of Union Station, who states that almost 65,000 people have been through the MAYA: The Great Jaguar Rises exhibit so far. He also says there were some challenges from the Guatemalan government in bringing the exhibit to Kansas City.

Additionally, an announcement was made that the William T. Kemper Charitable Trust will send 500 Latinx students from across Kansas City to the MAYA exhibit.

The exhibit showcases artifacts such as ceramics and textiles from the Mayan civilization and begins with a short film about ancient Mayan civilization and culture. On display are artworks such as impressively detailed anthropomorphic ocarinas, intricately hand-woven ceremonial clothing, and codices, which are akin to the world’s first comic strips—paneled illustrations that convey a narrative. There are also replicas of many artifacts that patrons are encouraged to touch.

Today, more than six million Mayan people speak 30 Mayan languages. The original Mayan civilization stood 1,600 years ago.

On display at the “Inspired by MAYA” local artists exhibit are painting by curator Chico Sierra, mixed media by Fredy Gabuardy, mixed media by Francisco Gabuardy, painting by Vania Soto, painting and sculpture by Robert Castillo, paint marker on canvas by DINKC, sculpture installation by Paulina Otero, multimedia by Andrew Mcilvaine, painting by Socorro Rico, painting by Daniel Estrada, painting by Cesar Velez, multimedia by Hugo Ximello Salido, ceramics by Carlos Ortiz, sculpture by Cesar Lopez, sculpture by Melissa Guadalupe Wolf, etching by Ruben Castillo, sculpture by Jonathan Christensen Caballero, mixed media by Kiki Serna, mixed media by Mona Cliff, mixed media by Sue Moreno, work by Dan Solano, work by Astrid E MieryTeran Jibaja, prints by Dillen Peace, and ink work by Jose Faus and Erick Felix.

The ”Inspired by Maya” exhibit will be available as part of the MAYA exhibit at Union Station until March 12.

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