Cheech and Steve

It’s less than shocking to say that certain restaurants and foods cater to pot smokers. Without trying, Dorito’s, Domino’s and Cap’n Crunch have become part of the stereotypical image of getting high.

But I’d be willing to bet that no major restaurant chain has courted stoners as actively as Denny’s does in this new advertisement:

They really don’t leave much up to the imagination with “Steve the Unicorn.” But just in case there’s any doubt, on the Denny’s bio page it created for each character, Steve’s favorite bands are listed as Phish and the Grateful Dead. Somehow Denny’s resisted making Steve’s favorite holiday 4/20.

The ads are centered around the fact Denny’s are open 24 hours and that certain hours attract … fringe elements of society. Each of the characters is supposed to represent one of those elements and Steve is obviously a nod to potheads. (The T-Rex is a big Taking Back Sunday fan.)

From a business standpoint it makes sense. If you have discretionary income to spend on weed, you probably don’t mind dropping $8 on some pancakes and eggs. And as long as Denny’s continues to give out free food to its non-high clientele, I don’t think anyone will mind a tripping unicorn.

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