Cellar Rat Cleans Up With Garage Sale

By Owen Morris

“To call it a success is an understatement,” says Cellar Rat managing partner Ryan Sciara. His wine store at 1701 Baltimore had its first “garage sale” this past Saturday morning, selling 155 cases of wine at garage-sale prices. It was an off-the-cuff idea that sparked a massive response. “Three weeks ago this garage sale wasn’t a thought, but I had the chance to buy some great wine for really cheap from a distributor and needed to unload it,” Sciara says. “So we busted planning it, sent out the word and it was overwhelming to see the turnout.”

Two hours before the event, people were lined up outside the store with empty cases. At 11, Cellar Rat announced the sale had begun and within twenty minutes all 1,500 or so bottles were taken. The store was filled to its 147-person capacity with lines snaking both to pick out the wine and to pay for it.

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