Celina Tio wants to add Collection to her restaurant collection

  • Chef Celina Tio has big plans for this building at 15th and Grand.

It’s no news that restaurateur Celina Tio – the chef and owner of Julian restaurant in Brookside – has also been running the lunch-only Kansas City Cafe at 1532 Grand for several months. What is news is what she wants to do with the two-story brick building when her deal to purchase the building closes in March.

Tio’s proposed restaurant for the first-floor space is to be called Collection – a name with at least two meanings for Tio. A graduate of the Westtown School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a Quaker boarding school, Tio has fond memories of a tradition at the 214-year-old school: “Each morning, everyone would gather in the Collection Room to hear announcements from students and faculty,” Tio says.

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