Carb loading? Soirée planning? The Sourdough Spot hits the spot

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Courtesy of Maegan Vaughan

To hear Maegan Vaughan tell the tale, it only took a nationwide lockdown for her to find her calling a couple of years ago finally.I started baking sourdough in quarantine like everybody else, and I fell in love with the process,” she says. 

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Courtesy of Maegan Vaughan

Through trial and error, Vaughan discovered she had a knack for creating artisan sourdough bread. As the pandemic stretched on (and on), Vaughan found herself delivering freshly baked loaves to friends and family. “It was a great way to connect with people I love during such a lonely time,” she says. “I loved bringing bread everywhere I went, and I would give loaves as gifts or thank you’s. Still do.”

What started as a bit of a lark for Vaughan blossomed into a fledgling sourdough business in 2021, and the aptly named Sourdough Spot was born. “I am a passionate cook,” she adds. “And since I have many years of food industry experience, I kept baking and learning.” 

“Sourdough is the OG bread!”

Once she found her culinary footing, Vaughan realized she was sort of in a league of her own. Once she ventured into the land of social media, her cottage business took off. Most bakeries don’t do sourdough because it’s a different beast,” she says. “Plus, there’s not enough of it in KC. And the sourdough you find in many stores is fake or has additives to make it last on the shelf. Yuck.”

While watching the documentary Salt Fat Acid Heat, Vaughan learned sourdough was originally made by accident with only three ingredients: salt, flour, and water.

Once her sacred dough was perfected, she started mixing and matching a slew of top-quality ingredients like gourmet shredded cheese, freshly ground black peppercorns, hot jalapeño peppers, “and fresh herbs straight from my garden,” she tells us. “My slogan? It’s ‘For The Love of Better Bread,’—because Kansas Citians deserve better bread.”

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Courtesy of Maegan Vaughan

Because humans cannot survive on just plain sourdough bread alone, Vaughan says she’s been experimenting with a slew of different flavors, each seemingly more popular than the last. “There are always new flavors and testing going on behind the scenes. The Jalapeño Cheddar Sourdough makes a next-level grilled cheese,” she says. “And the Cheesy Garlic Focaccia mimics cheesy garlic breadsticks that we all love to order with our pizza.”

Her fave? The Chocolate Chocolate Chip Sourdough Bread. “A large loaf can disappear quickly by me and my two kiddos,” she says. “I am weak for the chocolate flavors.” The one that gets the most buzz? Kalamata Olive. “So many people love olive bread, and I don’t think there’s a lot of it around KC,” she says. 

Need something organic? Want her to cater? Vaughan is game. And she tells us to be on the lookout for new holiday creations. “The Rosemary Olive Focaccia might make it on the menu soon since it’s a hit at events,” she says. “And maybe an extra sour sourdough, too.” 

Easy-peasy pickup or delivery

With her cottage bakery centrally located just outside Westport, she says customers can pick up her still-warm handiwork each Friday around the same time—or she’s game to deliver to your door. “Everything is made-to-order each week,” Vaughan says. “Every loaf is different—a piece of art. This is one of my favorite parts about sourdough—the starter is a living being, and I get to make art with it.”

Oh, and when asked if butter or jam was the more appropriate topping, she laughed. Both, apparently, are correct. “Toppings all the way, bay-bay. I love creating different loaded toasts. I also love a good dip,” she adds. “Charcuterie and sourdough are a match made in heaven.”

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