Can we put to rest the idea that most chefs won’t accommodate vegetarians?

  • dantotsupm
  • Vegetarians don’t really anger chefs these days.

It’s not so much Kansas City chefs who are waking up to the idea that the local produce is good enough to star on the plate — it’s the eaters who have become more enlightened in the past several years. The result is a burgeoning vegetarian scene — Charles Ferruzza reported on the popularity of vegan barbecue earlier in the week — that it’s not just for vegetarians.

“Chefs are nurturers; we give you what you want. I never understood how a chef could say “no” to a vegetarian,” chef Thomas Keller told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview.

And I believe that his attitude is shared by many of the leading chefs here in Kansas City. Do you think we can finally put to rest the idea that chefs are somehow unwilling to accommodate a vegetarian?

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